Fuelling Brands through Collaborative Design Partnerships
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We intentionally collaborate with esteemed brands driven by visionary teams who are distinguishing their companies through active innovation and by developing market-leading products.


BEKKER™ leans heavily towards mechanical and functional design, often prioritizing it over aesthetics. We strategically undertake the projects where we truly believe we can offer tangible value to our clients.


We purposefully reach out to a select few companies that we identify as being a perfect match for our ethos and approach. If you've been introduced to us by a current partner, please email us at [email protected]

About Us

We are a small, deeply committed team that establishes lasting personal bonds with the companies we assist. We achieve this by delivering essential design services for pivotal projects that our clients need to see through, often within tight timelines.

We may not be the world’s best-known design firm…we are however unparalleled at joining forces with teams and bringing their design project back on track.


Our Ethos

The ethos of generosity within BEKKER™ permeates our entire team and all of our actions, a fact our clients can attest to, highlighting our impeccable attention to detail, boundless generosity, and collaboration filled with abundant ideas.

We aren’t in the business of single-project engagements. We foster enduring partnerships, ensuring the work we deliver makes us irreplaceable.

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